The Art of Red Tail Ranch

For hundreds of years, Yosemite has attracted artists and photographers from all around the world. Something about its soaring granite peaks, rushing waterfalls, and majestic ancient Sequoias naturally inspires artists to capture the stunning beauty around them. To honor this grand artistic heritage, the Red Tail Ranch is filled with the works of many local artists, honoring the beauty of Yosemite National Park and our beloved Northern California landscape.

The Main House features many striking landscape photographs by Robb Hirsch. Hirsch is a biologist and natural historian who has spent his childhood exploring the wonders of Yosemite. He now brings his passion and knowledge for the natural world to his photography. Robb and his wife Regina also own the Mountain Sage Nursery, Gallery, and Coffee House in Groveland, a great multi-purpose shop we consider a must-do on any Groveland itinerary. Added bonus: Robb and Regina became our neighbors when we sold them 40 acres back in 2002.

In the Sierra Room, one of the newest additions to the Red Tail Ranch, you will find works by several local Yosemite artists. Tracy Barbutes is a talented photographer who travels the world taking lovely pictures. Her photographs have even been published in National Geographic! The room also features work by Sally Owens. Owens is a long-time resident of the region and her watercolors capture the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada’s. Born in Japan, Owens’ work combines the simplicity of Japanese prints with the small but beautiful natural treasures of Northern California. You will also find work by photographer Rebecca Harvey. Harvey resides in Coulterville, but her work captures everything from Western Cattle Ranching to the barren deserts and flower-filled meadows of Death Valley.

In the Ranch Room, another part of the Red Tail Ranch’s recent expansion, you will find more beautiful images from Tracy Barbutes. Twice a year, Kevin and Deborah, along with a group of other Groveland locals, travel to the East Side of the Sierra Nevadas to ride alongside the Wild Mustangs near Mono Lake. Last Fall, Tracy came along for the ride and captured photos of the majestic mustangs, which you can now view in our Ranch Room.

Melissa McMinn is the Red Tail Ranch’s “Artist in Residence.” She lives on the Red Tail Ranch property with her soon-to-be husband Rick. Melissa specializes in traditional hand engraving, leather working, and painting. In the Ranch Room, you’ll find her painting of the Red Tail Ranch’s three horses. The painting is surrounded by a handcrafted frame made from an Aspen tree.

Owner Deborah even has a crafty side herself. She loves to find old pieces of furniture and then turn them into unique creations of her own using Annie Sloan chalk paint. You will find several of Deborah’s repurposed furniture pieces throughout the Ranch.

The Red Tail Ranch is a lovely property made even lovelier by the beautiful artwork we have chosen to fill our rooms. We are proud to showcase local artists, honor the natural beauty of Yosemite, and perhaps even inspire your inner artist to create something as well.

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