Red Tail Ranch Doubles Occupancy

Kevin and Deborah Kalkowski, owners of the Red Tail Ranch, never planned on a career in hospitality. Deborah worked for many years as the Reservations Manager of Tuolumne County’s white water rafting company ARTA, and her husband Kevin has a successful career in the logging industry. In 2004, the couple built a new home on 50 beautiful acres of property in Groveland, California. The home sits atop a scenic knoll overlooking a sprawling, sun-dappled meadow with beautiful views of the surrounding woods. The property includes a barn and small pasture for horses as well as nearly 50 cage-free chickens. Many people flock to Groveland for its excellent bird watching opportunities and a stroll through the grounds of the Red Tail Ranch will bring glimpses of the region’s hawks, woodpeckers, and hummingbirds. And with Yosemite National Park only 20 miles away, the property is truly in the backyard of this grand national treasure. Located at the end of a long gravel road, the Red Tail Ranch offers the rustic feel of a remote mountain getaway without sacrificing modern, 21st century touches.

Whenever Kevin and Deborah would invite friends over to their new home, people would always suggest that they open their ranch up to the public. With its beautiful setting, proximity to Yosemite National Park, and peaceful atmosphere, everyone agreed that the Red Tail Ranch would make the perfect bed & breakfast.

“People had been putting the bug in our ear for a while,” says Deborah.

Five years ago, Kevin and Deborah finally decided to turn their new home into a small, independently operated bed & breakfast. They started off small by opening up two rooms in their house to guests. It wasn’t long before they fell in love with the business of running a small bed & breakfast. They loved making breakfasts for their guests every morning, joining them on the deck for a joke or chat, introducing them to their three friendly dogs, and sharing their best tips and suggestions for exploring Yosemite and Groveland.

“We realized how much we really enjoyed hosting people from all around the world,” says Deborah. “We truly love being around the guests. It’s just in our personalities.”

Now, the Red Tail Ranch has undergone a major expansion to double their occupancy and improve the overall guest experience. The Red Tail Ranch now features two new rooms and an expanded outdoor kitchen.

The Ranch Room features a private patio, gas fireplace, and spacious sitting area. Many guests will likely be drawn to the patio, which is perfect for sipping coffee or tea, reading a good book, or admiring the stunning surrounding landscape at any time of the day.

The Sierra Room features artwork by local Yosemite artists, including works by Sally Owens. Sally Owens is a long-time resident of the region and her watercolors capture the flora and fauna of the Sierra Nevada’s.

The two new rooms will be available starting September 1st.

Kevin and Deborah have also added an outdoor kitchen in addition to the barbeque that was already in place. Guests love spending as much time outside as possible, and this will give them the opportunity to cook up a good meal in the great outdoors.

Though still a small, intimate bed & breakfast experience, the Red Tail Ranch is steadily growing. These new additions will allow Kevin and Deborah to continue to do what they love: welcome guests from all over the world and ensure that their stay is as comfortable, memorable, and fulfilling as possible. Whether you stay at the Red Tail Ranch during your Yosemite adventure or simply come here for a peaceful and relaxing retreat, Kevin and Deborah will give you the perfect home-away-from-home experience.

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